Easter Break

Over our Easter/Spring break I got to check the number 1 destination off of my bucket list- Greece! One other girl from my program and I hopped on our favorite, cheap airline, RyanAir en route to Crete, a Grecian island.

We had a whole week to explore and enjoy the various beaches that surrounded us.

The best day we had turned out to be Easter. The day before Easter we were in town and met Captain Nick, a man who runs a glass bottom boat tour. He told us to come back tomorrow for a two hour tour. After some research we learned he was apparently the best guide around so we decided to go back for him the next day and we were not disappointed.

We boarded the glass bottom boat with lots of other foreigners, mostly Norwegian. Captain Nick took us to the first island on the tour where we were lucky to spot a couple of famous Grecian mountain goats. We continued to circle the island where we eventually stopped to see an old German plane that was shot down in WWII under the water.  It was so eerie to be able to glimpse underwater after all this time and see what was left of the plane. Apparently it had been shot down from the mainland.

After our brief history lesson we made our way to the second and last island- one that was known for snorkeling because of the shallow waters and abundant corral. Now, the water was still only around 50 degrees (F) but the snorkeling gear was free and the tour guide was getting in either way. Thinking to ourselves, “When will we be back in Greece snorkeling again?” we braved the chilly sea and jumped in.  All the passengers got a kick out of the crazy Americans who decided to swim, but the joke was on them because we got the front row show to all of the wildlife. Our guide brought over a sea urchin (ouch) and a starfish for us to hold, but the main event was the octopus. Captain Nick swam over suspiciously, hold his hands underwater, and plopped the octopus on my friend Elisha’s shoulder. She couldn’t see what it was but it was only inches from my face. After her turn, he ripped it off of her (I used “ripped” because it’s tentacles suctioned onto our skin making it difficult to remove said octopus.) Just as he was turning around to give me a turn the octopus inked – all over my face. Even with my eyes closed I knew I looked ridiculous because every one on the boat was laughing and exclaiming to their family members to come look at the crazy American who just got inked in the face.

Elisha and I bought an underwater camera earlier that day and those pictures have become some of my favorite this whole semester. Thankful for the memories captured on film.