Introducing Andie – Rome, Italy

Hello!  My name is Andie, and I’m going to John Cabot in Rome this upcoming Fall.  I’m a journalism student and can’t wait to document my travels, observations and food-finds.  I have an unrealistic expectation of spending all day sipping on wine by a fountain and soaking in my beautiful surroundings, but I know I’ll experience way more than just relaxing and looking at beautiful places.  I know I’ll be studying, learning, observing and exploring whenever I get the opportunity.

Rome seems almost like a mythical place to me.  I’ve heard stories about Remus & Romulus, about the Renaissance, about eccentric rulers and popes.  I’ve learned the ancient history and studied the art.  I’ve analyzed Renaissance Art, Baroque Art, and Futurism.  It’s almost as if I’ve been gaining this cultural capital on a city that never existed, the Atlantis of the Mediterranean Sea.  The fact that I have the opportunity to explore the city amazes me: I could stand underneath Michaelangelo’s ceiling and visit so many othjer places that seem like an alternate-reality to me right now.

More than anything, I’m excited to write in Italy, to write where artists and poets were famously inspired. I’m excited to eat pizza and drink wine.  I’m exited to listen to music on the streets.   I’m excited to stand amidst ruins that have been around for 2,000 years and wonder if they’ll still be there 2,000 years from now.   I’m excited to fall in love with Rome, with the idiosyncrasies of an ancient city and the locals that grew up in the myth.