A Quick Checkup

I feel like I start every post with the phrase: “Sorry, I haven’t written in so long!”. However, this time I feel as though I really have broken a new record, about a month without a new post. To make up for this, I’ve decided to go on a bit of a posting marathon.

What’s new in Taipei, you may ask? First of all, protests at the legislative Yuan are long over. There have been new protests about a proposed nuclear power plant, but I haven’t been following that very closely.

Midterms are over! (meanwhile, Madison is almost into finals. our timelines really are very different). I feel as though I did ok on them, although our political science professor has assured us that we have all failed. Now I feel as though we are beginning to race towards the end of the semester. I only have about 2 months left here!

I extended my visa, so I’m good to stay here until summer. Government buildings here are just as depressing and stressful as those in America. The good thing is, I had no problem with my visa at all, I just gave the person my documents and got my stamp. The same cannot be said the for man in front of me, who began crying and swearing in English at the worker. Huh.

There is a new war between the major convenience store chains in Taiwan! If you didn’t know, the convenience store coverage in Taiwan is the highest in the world. If you stand outside of one store, you can usually see at least one, if not two or three more. Anyway, the two have just introduced different soft serve flavors! 7/11 has chocolate (which was decent), and Family Mart has matcha (which I have yet to try). All my classmates are very excited about this.

Speaking of convenience marts, I happen to live next to the largest 7/11 in Taiwan (at least, that is what I’m told). Because of this, a lot of events are held there. Yesterday, my classmate informed me that the actors from my current favorite Taiwanese tv show are going to be there. So, I just lined up for about an hour to get a number, and I’m going back in about 30 minutes to line up again. It seems like a lot of time just to fangirl, but I think it’s really cool how singers and tv stars would be right outside my dorm. Usually Northeastern Wisconsin isn’t on the stopping list for major American stars, so this is a new thing for me. I also have to give a hand for the dads stood in line for about an hour just to make their middle and high school age daughters happy (college students were also present. I wasn’t abnormal). Good sacrifice dads. That’s true love.