A Rough Re-Entry

It’s been a little over two weeks since I’ve gotten back from London and I still say, “take away” and have tried to pay for multiple things in pounds. It’s definitely weird to be back. It makes it seem like the last four months were all a dream. But it has been really nice seeing friends and family for the first time in four months. Of course my first meal was a large burger and fries and a milkshake. And then I proceed to eat everything possible I’ve missed since I’ve been gone.

I think a lot of people’s re-entry back into their home country after studying abroad is pretty similar. Like mentioned above, you want to eat all your favorite foods and have little self-control not to. Everyone asks where your accent is and how your trip was. I find the second question really hard to answer. Trying to sum up four unique, extraordinary months in a couple sentences is a very difficult thing. Chances are no one else will understand what it’s like except your friends from the trip and you’ll never be able to explain it to anyone else. At least that’s how I feel. I also miss London like crazy. Things here are different and getting used to the American way of doing things is a little bit of a struggle. Driving for the first time was pretty comical and it took some time to get used to it. Thanks goodness there were no other cars around. It’s the little things that get me the most and make me miss London. Also, the lack of accents. That’s less fun.

The challenge of being back was increased for me by getting my tonsils out. I definitely wouldn’t suggest getting surgery right after your trip. Unfortunately, I had no other time to do it, but it pretty much sucks. All the food cravings are increased by the fact that they’re now staring me in the face and I can no longer eat them (at least not for three weeks). Lying in bed miserable and in pain does not really help me missing London either. I can’t do the things I usually enjoy at home and all I can think about is being back in London, not in extreme pain.

Still, as I start to recover more and am able to do the things and eat the food I like, it’s feeling more normal to be home.