University of Wisconsin–Madison

leones, tigres y osos… ¡Ay!

So you might as well call me Eliza Thornberry. Today I petted – and talked to hehe 🙂 – lions, tigers, camels, elephants, horses, exotic birds, llamas, and some goat/cow creatures with horns? Yak maybe? Anyway, there were so many animals at the Luján Zoo, which is an hour bus ride from the city of Buenos Aires.

The zoo is basically the best, and most controversial, zoo in the world. The wild animals are trained to let people pet and feed them. The staff really did seem caring and loving toward the animals, but it is amazing/questionable that more people don’t get bit. Okay, so a parrot did bite my cheek. But I’m really just thankful it wasn’t a tiger.

The baby lion and tiger cubs were just adorable! One loved playing with the ties on my boots. I also kissed a camel and hugged an elephant’s trunk. They were both so sweet!! The zoo was, in my opinion, more like a huge farm, with many of the animals roaming around free. The zoo was less “developed” according to US standards, but I think it better for the animals, and all of them really did seem happy!

While in Luján, we also visited a beautiful cathedral in the center of the pueblo. The town was incredibly small, but it was amazing how it still had a huge cathedral and one of the most famous zoos in the world. It’s amazing how much exists outside the city of Buenos Aires, and all you have to do is look. You can sometimes find the best things where you least expect.

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