18 weeks down, 1 to go (NO!!!)

I, along with many other students’ abroad, am having somewhat of a crisis realizing that the end of the semester is in sight.

At the beginning of the semester I made a list of my favorite European things. Here’s an updated list of the European things I will miss the most:

  • Fresh bread/ baguettes
  • Crepes (specifically banana and Nutella…ugh)
  • French food in general
  • Tripping over the (pretty) cobblestone
  • Cute French babies speaking in French
  • All of the fountains
  • How my name is pronounced in French
  • The laid back attitude aka “French time” aka 10 minute late to everything…at least
  • Josette, of course

Speaking of Josette, my host grandma, today we shared a particularly beautiful moment. It’s a Sunday and I was studying in my room as exams are quickly approaching. She called me into the kitchen and I figured she probably needed help reaching something on the top shelf. However, when I found her in the kitchen she was holding a red envelope with a blue box inside. She handed me the gift and said that she hopes whenever I see this I think of her. Inside was a beautiful necklace and more importantly such a kind gesture.

Spending 5 months with someone in such close quarters calls for an intense whirlwind of a relationship and that was true for Josette and I. I don’t want to think about how I will say goodbye to someone who welcome me as one of her own for 5 months. It will be a tough week ahead.