Post Program Limbo

I’m still in shock that my program is over. I took exams, which were only just a little bit nightmarish. That week and the week leading up to it I had no appetite, spent way too much on coffee, and became glued to my English-French dictionary.

I had three exams in two days so luckily it was over pretty quickly.

Our program hosted a final dinner, which was a perfect way to say goodbye to the semester than changed my life. It was a weird feeling leaving the dinner- knowing that I probably wouldn’t see any of these people in my life again. Studying abroad relationships are formed so quickly and it felt a lot like being a freshman in college again because we are all grabbing for dear life onto other people, desperate for people who felt the same way about what was happening. We all spent an intense 5 months together, traveling and learning and just like that it was over.

I know I would be much sadder if it weren’t for the arrival of my brother and two good friends for a last hoorah before returning stateside. We have been exploring Eastern Europe and loving every bit.

I often find my mind wandering to what Josette is up to and if she misses me.

For the next two weeks I will be in the state of post program limbo where I am not yet returned home to the USA but still soaking up foreign culture in Europe.