Wowed by Wellington and Whanganui

G’day mates! I’m in New Zealand!

The past week has been crazzzy. Part of this GlobaLinks internship is the Bridging Cultures Program (in Wellington, NZ) which gets students prepared and integrated into the culture. Here is what we did:

Sun. May 25-Mon. May 26: Plane travels. I’m relieved to say that everything went smoothly!

Tues. May 27: We arrived, went to lunch (I had a delicious lamb sandwich), and went on a walk around Wellington.


Wed. May 28: ZEALANDIA. This place was so awesome. It is an eco-restoration area for the birds of New Zealand to keep them safe from predators. The tour was about 3 hours and we learned about the history of New Zealand and the different kinds of birds and wildlife.

Birds1 Birds2

Wed. continued: We took a Supershuttle up Mt Victoria and then walked down. This place had the most amazing views! Seriously breathtaking.

Mt Victoria

Thurs. May 29: Free day= Weta cave which gives a behind the scenes look at the making of movies such as The Lord of the Rings and Avatar, then exploring the city, shopping, and an art gallery.

Fri. May 30: SEAL SAFARI! We took an off-roading vehicle and drove all the way up through the mountains and back down to the opposite side to observe New Zealand fur seals. They were so cute!!


Sat. May 31: I left Wellington to bus to my internship city, Whanganui. There are 26 students in the program in New Zealand and we are all dispersed throughout the country, which makes planning trips slightly difficult, but my city is beautiful and my hostel is even more awesome in person!

Hostel Wanganui

New Zealand is a beautiful country! No matter where you go, the views are incredible! The mountains, farmlands, and bodies of water…it’s all amazing! I’m going to need to start whipping out my thesaurus to find more adjectives to describe this place because it’s unbelievable. People here really are extremely nice, too! They are very talkative and always willing to help.

It is a bit expensive here…


…but, it will really teach me how to budget money.

My outlook on any negative situation: find the silver lining.

After an eventful week, I finally start my internship this week! I’m so excited, but kind of nervous. I don’t entirely know what to expect, but that’s part of the fun of this experience!

Oh, and lastly, check this out…


A COUNTRY BAR! I felt right at home…




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  1. Hey Malory! Just dropping in to say I hope you enjoy NZ. I’ve been studying abroad here for the past year and my program will be ending soon. You are right, New Zealand is a beautiful country! Hope you enjoy being a Kiwi 🙂



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