Pão de Queijo!!!!!

FINALLY, i got the chance to make pão de queijo. For those of you who don’t know, pão de queijo is cheese bread this is uma delícia demais, véi. It is a Minas Gerais delicacy, and if you’re coming to Belo Horizonte during the Copa, i highly recommend you try this delicious goodness.

But, hey, not all of us have money to go the Copa, hein? So, for those of you peeps who are on a budget and unwilling to visit me, below is a recipe of pão de queijo. Believe me when i say, one of the first things i’m going to do when i get back to the States, is make pão de queijo!!!!!!


½ kilo of cheese or however much cheese you prefer (parmesan)

2 cups whole milk*

1 cup oil (eye balled)

2 tablespoons of artificial shredded parmesan cheese (optional, makes it more salty)

1 tablespoon of salt

2 eggs

1 killo sour manioc starch**, aka polvilho azedo in português or almidón agrio in espanhol


1. Boil milk and oil (you may need to split the portion because it overflows rapidão)

2. While you wait for the milk and oil to boil, sift that special ingredient polvilho azedo

3. The moment you get a frothy boiled reaction on top of the cooking oil and milk, turn that burner off IMMEDIATELY

4. Colocate*** the freshly boiled oil and milk conjunction on top of the sifted polvilho azedo

5. While you wait for the boiled milk and oil to cool down, grate that half kilo of cheese

6. Mk, now you knead that flour like substance with the cooled down milk and oil

7. Add two eggs, and perhaps more milk to the massa (dough) so it fica mais mole****

8. Colocate that one tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of the salty manufactured grated cheese, and dont forget the cheese!

9. Knead everything together, it needs to be fluffy and a ‘lil more soft like i already mentioned. Below is a photo of that beautiful massa


Amanda who is the chefe brasileira holding the bowl and she  said that the dough was still a little too dry, or rather, not mole enough. So, unfortunately, idk the perfect consistency, but if your dough looks like the photo above, most likely it will turn out just fine!

10. what temperature should the oven be at??? hmmm good question, the brasileira said just heat it up for 5 min at the highest temperature which was at 350 Celsius…Just guess, whichever temp you’re feeling

11. How much time you ask? When it’s ready, duh. Ready means crispy on the outside perhaps a bit brown, but just a warning it should be soft on the inside. Think of it like a brownie, except it’s salty and cheesy.

Perhaps this picture will give you an idea:

freshly baked pão de queijo
freshly baked pão de queijo
Note the inside of the one i’m holding
Note the inside of the one i’m holding
And the pão de queijo photo shoot continues
And the pão de queijo photo shoot continues

Yup, so that’s your pão de queijo! I hope that it’s relatively easy, i mean, it was for me, but that’s because i had Amandinha’s help…The taste is nothing like Madison’s pão de queijo. In reality, Madison’s pão de queijo is more like pão com queijo. But i highly recommend this pão de queijo because it’s a that can’t be missed.

*if you need to add more milk don’t add until you knead the dough, which needs to have a softer consistency

**pray to the Lord Baby Jesus that this ingredient is in a grocery store near you!

***Portugluês, colocate=colocar+to put

****sorry, i can’t help the portuguese, mk??? it means to be softer