Wisconsin, Culver’s, and Smiling. My last entry.

I’ve officially been stateside two weeks and as the initial excitement of going to Culver’s whenever I wanted (which was often those first few days) has worn off I am more and more nostalgic as my trip keeps getting a day further away from me.

In my first days back I was dizzy with excitement and my arms felt like jelly from being hugged so much (not complaining).

I was lucky to spend my first few days back in my hometown being fed and spoiled by my family who made my return so smooth and welcoming. After that blissful weekend I returned back to my beloved Madison, Wisconsin where I jumped right in to my new internship and job.

Oftentimes a friend or a stranger passing me by will say something that triggers my brain and brings me back 4,000 miles across the ocean to France. I didn’t anticipate missing it so much. The bakeries. The history. The cobblestone. Architecture. The language most of all.

At this point all I can do is wait for classes to start at UW-Madison just so I will be able to speak French again. That’s been the most difficult transition for me.

That along with how friendly Americans are. It’s all very off-putting after being surrounded by the French for so long (no offense to the French. I’ve grown very accustomed to them.). Going to the grocery store and having strangers smile and me and having the check-out clerk ask how my day is seems very invasive but also comforting.

Like I said, I’ve only been away for just two weeks and I am already fantasizing about my next return. Maybe going during Christmastime and seeing Paris under a thin sheet of snow. Nannying for a French family in the countryside. Working as a U.S. Ambassador in France.

I know for certain I will be back and until then I will try to make crepes myself and attend pour la prochaine fois (wait until next time).