Adrenaline Junkie

In my first blog post, I said that this summer internship would be supplemented with lots of adventure. Wait no longer. I’m excited and proud to say I’ve been BLACK WATER RAFTING, BUNGEE JUMPING, AND SKYDIVING.

The black water rafting wasn’t really “rafting”. It was more like repelling into a glow warm cave, zip lining under the glow warms in the dark, lazy river type tubing, then leaving the cave by rock climbing up through a waterfall without a harness. It took about 5 hours total and even though we had wet suits, it was freeeezing, but it was totally worth it!

glow warm cave
Glow Worm Cave

Next up: Bungee jumping.

This was actually quite terrifying. I was actually more scared about bungee jumping then skydiving. The thought of jumping off a ledge and only trusting in a rope wrapped around my feet really freaked me out. Not to mention finding the courage to actually jump. No worries though. It was so much fun!!! The trick is not to look down for more than a few seconds. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

bungee jumping

Last but not least: SKYDIVING

I’m particularly proud of this one. My friend Emma and I had a booking for Sat. June 28th, but it was extremely windy and we weren’t able to go. Our bus to leave Taupo was at 10 AM on Sunday, but they said if it was nice we could go early on Sunday at 7:30. Thank goodness the weather was nice and we hopped in that van and arrived at Taupo Tandem Skydiving. They got us suited up quickly and we were up in the airplane in no time. The airplane was tiny, but the view was beautiful! The sun was rising and you could see mountains, fields, and a lake all from one spot in the air. Finally, we reached 15,000 feet and it was time to jump. I wouldn’t say jump though, because the guy strapped on your back pushes you out of the plane. Being in the air is indescribable. The actual freefall goes by so quickly. Your mind doesn’t even register you are free falling thousands of feet above land and you can’t really move your face either. Finally when the parachute is pulled, everything slows and you just take in the incredible view. With the colors of the sunrise and the lake and mountain, it was seriously breathtaking. My tandem master, Andy, tried talking to me a couple times, but I could barely comprehend anything because of where I was in that moment. The landing was pretty smooth and we got pictures and a video and even made it on the bus in time!

diving sky

Needless to say, a few things have been crossed off on my bucket list.