the best

Today someone asked me my favorite part of my experience in Buenos Aires, and I guess I hadn’t really thought about this question before. I honestly love everything. I’m probably a little too obsessed with this place…

But, I’d have to say I most love all the people I’ve met, both from my study abroad program and from Argentina. I think back to February, when I was boarding the plane to fly to Buenos Aires. I was running late, my 20 pairs of shoes were tumbling out of my backpack. I randomly talked to some girls, and they became some of my best friends. It’s great to always have someone to study with, to explore the city, to eat at one of the city’s fabulous restaurants, to even have a Netflix night with a bucket of chocolate ice cream.

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I have the greatest host family I could ask for. I love having a large host family, with my dad Pablo, mom Virginia, sister Josefina, and four brothers Fran, Maxi, Mateo, and Pedro. They’ve all been so welcoming, taking me in as a part of their family. My sister and brothers are all close to my age, so it’s been great getting to know the city through them. When it was still summer here, we went on a weekend getaway to Bellavista, a small town outside the city of Buenos Aires. We’ve celebrated Argentina’s numerous holidays together. We’ve gotten to know one another, helping to improve my Spanish along the way. I’ve also spent some quality time, playing fetch and running in the park, with my host sister’s adorable dog Mora. I will be incredibly sad to leave my Argentine family who has been so welcoming, loving, and unforgettable.

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I remember walking into my first class at UCA, or la Universidad Católica de Argentina, and not knowing a single person. I looked around the room, thinking how are all these girls so pretty and put together at 7:45am!? At our recreos, or breaks during our 4.5 hour class, they all began talking to me and asking about my experience here. Since then, I’ve been to their houses, we’ve gone out together, and they’ve shown me the city, from a true Argentine perspective. I’ve also joined a field hockey team through my school (I know, I’m clearly not a hockey star, but I try). I’ve met some of the nicest friends through my team. We’ve gone to team bonding pizza parties, and they’ve taken me to my first ever polo game. I’ve even met some Argentine friends walking along the street, running around the city. They are SOOO friendly and welcoming, and it’s crazy to think that some of my best friends are from halfway around the world. Los quieroooo!!

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In the end, I’ve realized that the people who surround us leave the biggest impact. They change us for the better. Wherever you are, wherever life takes you, that’s one thing that never changes.