we ran buenos aires

And somehow I got the crazy idea to run a half marathon. I truly enjoy running, but let’s just say it doesn’t always come easily. I’ve never run a real race before. I did the Color Run (a 5K where you are sprayed with paint), but pretty sure that doesn’t count. Yet, my friends and I spontaneously signed up for the Nike We Run Buenos Aires half marathon. We honestly cared most about getting a cute t-shirt… but the race would also give me an incentive to train the months leading up to the race, to explore the city by running, and to work off all of the delicious carne and postre I’ve been eating.

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At 7:30 am, on a Sunday morning (the time you usually get home after going out here), I started running 13.1 miles, 21 kilometers. Live music surrounded the parks of Palermo, and runners lined up to begin. Ten thousand faces, ten thousand runners from around the world.

While running, I saw some of the most amazing things. I went to a new part of the city that I had never explored. I watched the sun rise, lighting up a beautiful autumn day. I watched complete strangers help one another, sacrificing precious seconds to lend a hand, reminding us that numbers are numbers, nothing more. I watched 80-year-old men sprinting at the front of the group, showing us how it’s never to late to be whoever you want to be.


Additional thoughts while running:   1 – When do we get gatorade?     2 – Where is the fruit?!? Tengo hambre!!!!      3 – Am I there yet!?    4 – Just keep running, just keep running

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… And I can’t believe I finished. I didn’t walk or stop the entire way. At times, all I wanted to do was quit, to walk, to rest. Yet, I realized that each runner is inspired by something, by someone. Maybe we run to find meaning and accomplishment in our own lives. Maybe we run in hopes of giving our strength to someone weaker. Maybe we run for freedom, for peace, for change. But in the end, despite any differences, we run together.

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