the study of “study abroad”

After all these blog posts, I realized I never described where I go to school here. And yes, I swear I study while studying abroad!!!

One of my favorite parts of the IFSA-Butler program is the opportunity to choose your university in Buenos Aires. We have 5 options, in addition to the courses provided by the program itself, and we get to try classes at the beginning of the semester before really committing. It’s a great way to gain a greater understanding of the public and private university systems and to have a wide variety of learning experiences. When it came time to decide, I had already fallen in love with UCA, or the Universidad Católica de Argentina. It’s located in Puerto Madero, the newest part of Buenos Aires, right alongside the river.

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The views are always incredible. Whether studying under the shade of a tree, watching the sunset from the library, or talking with other students during a break or recreo in class, I am always amazed by the school’s beauty.


Going from a large public school with more than 40,000 students to a small private school was an adjustment, but I loved experiencing a smaller, closely-knit environment. The professors knew my name on the first day, welcoming me into
the class and immediately adding me to the Facebook group.   2014-05-27 18.00.13In one of my psychology classes, for instance, the students   take the same classes together for five years. It’s amazing to   see  how close they are and how well they work together.

Besides the Starbucks in the university (with dulce de leche frappuccinos… yes I get one pretty much every week), I am so grateful for all the people I’ve met. They’re always asking how  I am and making sure I’m okay. When I look lost in class, they’re always willing to share their notes and make sure I understand. They also share their mate (a tea drink) with me, and I always feel sooo special:) Even though I came as an outsider, I’ve never felt so much like I belong. I have learned a lot from studying and reading, but above all, I’ve learned just how amazing people can be.

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