University of Wisconsin–Madison

Adventuring to Marseilles

Last weekend me and about 8 other people attempted to make our way to Les Colanques, which is somewhat of a national park with giant cliffs overlooking the ocean. But…to no avail. We thought that we had to go to Marseilles to get there, and apparently there are different Callaques there, so every person we asked along the way was steering us in what they thought was the right direction. We took the metro and arrived at Le Vieux Port, which was beautiful! We were right next to the Mediterranean, and there were beautiful boats in the harbor. We eventually figured out that we were in the complete wrong spot, and that we needed to go to Cassis, an entirely different city. But it was a beautiful day so we decided to spend it in Marseille! We enjoyed a lunch and then walked for about 15 minutes to get to the beach. At the end of the day we made it back to the bus and back to Aix.

Tip: if you decide to come to Aix and want to take the bus anywhere, buy your student discount bus pass at the office of tourism, and then any trip is only 2 Euros !