Segovia was amazing!! We could not have asked for a more perfect day. Everyone had such a wonderful time sightseeing and experiencing all the beauty the city had to offer. This also was the first time many of us had traveled since arriving in Spain so there was a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air.

Our schedule for the day was as follows:

9:00am- Leave Galdós
10:30am- Arrive in Segovia
11:30am- Free time (to have coffee)
12:00pm- Walking through the city

  • Acueducto
  • Casa de los Picos
  • Casa de los Alpuente
  • Casa del Siglo XV
  • Iglesia de San Martín
  • Torreón de los Lozoya
  • Antigua Cárcel (Biblioteca)
  • Plaza Mayor

1:15pm- Catedral
2:00pm- Free time
4:00pm- Meet in Plaza Mayor and walk to Alcázar

  • Experience Alcázar and climb the castle tower

6:00pm- End time at Alcázar and return to bus
6:30pm- Leave Segovia

One of our professors from our curso intensivo also came along as our tour guide and knowledge expert. It was really interesting and relevant to experience and visit places we had talked about in class. For example, the acueducto (aqueduct) is the most famous tourist attraction in Segovia.

The date cannot be traced back exactly, but the acueducto was built by the Romans as a device used to transport water (using a slight decline) from nearby mountains. This structure runs approximately 9.3miles before even arriving into the city of Segovia! It truly is a breathtaking structure.

Walking through beautifully quaint streets of Segovia, there was so much history to take in. It seemed like we stopped at every corner to talk about a building’s architecture or a street’s relevance in history. There is so much Segovia has to offer is almost overwhelming!

Street talk

The grand cathedral in the middle of the city near the plaza mayor is definitely the highlight of the city itself. Although the inside was pretty dim and not as intricate as the outside, the cathedral is filled with an abundance of history and ascetically stunning architectural beauty.

The last highlight of our excursion to Segovia was the castle Alcázar. First of all, it’s a CASTLE. The first real castle I’ve ever been to. It’s not something that’s just in Disney movies anymore. It’s an actual structure with actual towers that was actually lived in at one point. Safe to say I got caught up in a little fairytale moment.

alcazar signalcazar


But the views from Alcázar are what really takes your breath away. Some of the best views of the city of Segovia and the countryside can be seen from the top of the castle tower.

segovia countryside


Of course, a lot of pictures were taken in Segovia by both the group and myself, but I thought the best way to perhaps capture our experience in Segovia was to put together a little video of moments from throughout the day. Hopefully you enjoy this video from the WIPT* excursion to Segovia!

*”T” for Tulane University”



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