Goodbye Snow – Hola Sol

When I look out my window I see the trampled down snow, courtesy of my two Labradors playful wrestling, the twinkling sun reflecting off icicles weighing down tree branches, and the cloud my breath makes on the window. It’s incredible to think that in one day I’ll be across an ocean and viewing a stark opposite. My Minnesota home replaced by my new home in Sevilla, Spain. I doubt I’ll sleep much tonight with all my emotions coursing through my veins. I contemplated dying my hair for study abroad, you know, to blend in more. I decided against it since I know my big doe eyes looking at everything and pointing everywhere like a toddler at a zoo, will give away my foreign identity. The flight across the pond is 14 hours but I am traveling with two other UW students. We joked that we should wear bright yellow shirts and cow bells as a precautionary measure should we become separated; understanding this won’t really happen as we have no idea where we would venture alone during the process. A good thing is my two luggage bags, which weigh approximately as much as a dwarf elephant, will be shipped directly to Sevilla and I won’t have to lug them around. Hopefully my host family has a strong and able man to help carry the luggage in, otherwise I feel like I’ll be starting off on the wrong foot. We have orientation for the first seven days, which hopefully entails walking around my new home and taking in the surroundings as opposed to computer orientation in a building – then again it would be a Spanish building with Spanish appliances with instructions all in Spanish! The courses available include the history of wine, Sevilla history, and many courses on Spanish and Sevillan cuisine. I hope to be enrolled in them but we register while we are there. I have compiled a list of places I want to travel to while abroad but haven’t bought the tickets due to not knowing my exact workload and exam schedule. I just can’t believe that in 10 weeks I will be living in an alternate reality! I probably will be pinching myself for days! Next time you hear from me I’ll be in SPAIN! Until then, hasta luego!