Procrastination Comes In Many Forms

Finals bring to light all the music of the semester I have missed or haven’t discovered yet while living in my Madison bubble. This being said, I think I’ve joined the One Direction train. Not being able to shut off my brain one night I started to Google and YouTube all One Direction related material. See, my roommate is going to marry Harry Styles so I had to do my research. I watched the “Steal My Girl” music video once, twice… on my fifth time I knew two absolute things. One – “I believe in love and I know it’s not an illusion” – from Illusion by One Direction, but accurately reflects my feelings towards them. Two – I know 100% I have to marry someone British (or Irish or Scottish or anyone really from Scandinavian). It isn’t creepy – I’ve known this for awhile (circa 1999 when Harry Potter came about).

Now that I had this determined I realized that I’ll be in Spain and I wondered aloud ” Do Spaniards know who One Direction are?” No worries a millisecond later I realized how idiotic that was. This reflects how far “over the pond” really means for me. My friend who lives in London (Landannnn per his spelling) continually makes quips about how I think Europe is a third world country. I ask very naive questions. I prefer not to relay them on here – I want you to keep reading the posts and fear that desire will diminish with the revelation of them.

Anyway. Seeing how naive I am and I’m going off into this unknown country I decided to come prepared with a list of questions.

Note: Some questions may seem trivial but when brought up in conversation are interesting tidbits. Also I expect some compensation if any of the answers to these questions win Jeopardy or Millionaire, etc.

1. What music do Sevillans listen to?

2. In general are bits of souls lost when British girls/boys speak Spanish?

3. Where are the “go-to” vacation spots?

4. Is Ibiza really worth it?

5. How do they perceive Americans and/or America in general?

6. Since Spanish is spoken in many southern and latin american countries, is this incorporated into academia?

7. Are naps actually a daily occurrence?

8. Team Edward or Jacob (for banter)…

9. Are abroad students sore thumbs, and easily spotted?

10. More to come, no worries.