Pre-Departure Thoughts

The night prior to my departure for Thailand has finally arrived! This past week, friends and family have been asking me how excited I was to take off for my adventure. But when I thought about it… I hadn’t really felt anything yet; I knew I was leaving for Thailand very soon, but it hadn’t quite sunk in. Now I can finally say that the fact that I will be living in Thailand…for the next five months…starting tomorrow…has hit me. I can’t help but to be completely overwhelmed with nervousness; nervous of finding my way to my hotel once I land, nervous of my ability to settle into a culture so different from my own, and nervous of the 13 hour time change from my family and friends back home. As negative as that may sound though, I could not be happier for the anxious feeling that I have, for it means that I truly am setting off for an adventure far from anything that I have ever experienced, and that is exactly what I have been wanting.

Beneath the anxiety though, the excitement towards my journey in Thailand awaits: food…food…and other very important pressing issues. Will the Thai food surpass my expectations of the lovely Elephant Café down the street? Where will my travels take me? Will I study Buddhism? What will my classes be like? Where will I live… Where will the other exchange students come from? Did I pack correctly?

I am hoping to find some of these answers, especially a place to live, very quickly once in Thailand. But for the others, I can’t wait to follow the adventures that present themselves and find my answers along the way.

Until in Thailand!