Trabajo Semenal

One of my 1754 friends on Facebook (so popular right?) made a status of ten things they’ve learned about their host country. Apparently they’ve been doing this all semester long. It was really funny and seeing as the biggest form of flattery is mimicry I thought I’d do the same. S/O to Alex Henning for his creative genius. For me, I think ten might be overkill on a weekly basis so it’ll vary. Here goes nothing:

3/9 – 3/15:

  1. Sevillanos do not abide by any walking rules, they just walk where they want to.
  2. On the same note snails crawl faster then some Sevillanos walking speed
  3. Sharing a bathroom with two grandparents is harder than sharing a bathroom with 48 other sorority girls
  4. It will be 80 degrees out and you will still get stares for wearing shorts
  5. All the Cruzcampo signs you see by the bars allow for that bar to sell and get a discounted price on the coveted beer
  6. There is an unanimous and unspoken law to close up shop from 330-530 or 6 here, got to get that siesta in
  7. Pigeons will fly directly at you, especially if you have something shiny on your head, yes that includes sun glasses
  8. It’s not gracias it’s gracia, the s is just too much effort
  9. The skin of an apple apparently causes gas
  10. If you wake up with an onion by your bed while you’re sick do not be alarmed. Your host mom is helping your body open its sinuses. Fun fact – it actually worked.