Trabajo Semenal


1. After three months of living here I was FINALLY mistaken by a charity worker to be a sevillano

2. All the kids are done with school at / around 2 which is why I think the normal lunch time here is 2-3

3. The hand dryers do not work, it’s really just a sad little breeze so get used to air drying them

4. There’s no toilet paper ever so bring napkins

5. Don’t expect a hola from someone unless you know them, are in your apartment complex, or they’re American

6. If someone asks you for fuego it means lighter and more literally fire

7. Spainards are like cheetahs at the crosswalks: sudden explosion of speed followed by slow to no movement for hours (a bit of an exaggeration)

8. Saint Patrick’s day is only popular if there’s a soccer game on

9. Caution all cars have one mission: to hit you

10. If a women comes up to you with some kind of vegetation, run, they will only tell you your fortune in spanish and demand payment for it