A Not-so-typical Day in the Life

A Not-so-typical Day in the Life

For some time now, I have had friends requesting that I write the usual “day in the life” post that you see on so many study abroad blogs. The problem I had when I sat down to write this post is that there really is no typical day in the life here in Buenos Aires. Unlike classes in the US, Argentine classes are typically held only once a week for about 3 or 4 hours at a time. Since I am only enrolled in 3 classes (one of which is 6 credits) this semester, I only have traditional “class” 2 days a week. While I have tried to make up for this by filling the rest of my time with running club, tennis lessons, a theater improvisation class, coffee dates and other fun activities, the irregularity of my schedule is very different from the strict regime I used to adhere to back in the USA. Nevertheless, I will attempt here to present to you two typical “days-in-the-life” of my time here in Buenos Aires. One day is a day of class and the other is one of my less structured Fridays. And yes, you will notice that I don’t go to bed until 2:30am on Fridays…this is considered EARLY for a weekend night in Buenos Aires. I’m usually awake until waaay later on Saturday nights.

A Typical Monday:

7:15am: Alarm sounds
7:15-8:15am: Shower, eat breakfast, get ready for the day
8:15am: Leave the apartment and take bus 67 to the University of Buenos Aires
Social Sciences building
9am: International Security class lecture
10:45-11am: Mid-class break
11am-12:45pm: International Security Practical/Discussion class
1:15pm: Arrive at the apartment
1:15-2:15pm: Prepare/eat lunch
2:15-2:45pm: check emails and Facebook
3-5:30pm: Do homework/readings
5:30-6pm: Walk to the local bakery to buy a pastry or chocolaty treat; eat treat from
the apartment balcony (see picture below)
6-7pm: Do homework
7pm-7:15: Get ready for running club practice
7:30-9pm: Running club practice
9-9:30pm: Walk home and take a quick shower
9:30-10:30pm: Make dinner; eat dinner while watching TV or Netflix
10:30-11:30pm: Check email again; skype or facebook chat friends/family from
11:30pm: Get ready and go to bed
A Typical Friday:

9am-10am: Wake up; eat breakfast; get ready for the day
10-11:30am: Do homework
11:30-noon: Walk to the subte and take line C to the Microcentro
Noon-1:30pm: Buy lunch to go and eat outside in the park
2-3:30pm: Tennis lessons
4-4:30: Quick shower and change of clothes
5-6:30pm: Meet a friend at a local coffee shop for a merienda of café con leche and
7-8:30pm: Do homework
8:30-9:30pm: Prepare and eat dinner
9:30-10pm: check email, surface the web, send facebook messages
10pm: Leave to meet friends at a bar in Palermo or Recoleta
10pm-2am: Spend time hanging out with friends
2:30am: Go to bed