Chinese Music Playlist

上海 Blog #2

Wednesday May 20th, 2015

Local Time: 0:15pm CDT

Pre-Shanghai Chinese Music Playlist (前中文音乐建议)

I still haven’t left yet. I literally haven’t even finished unpacking all of my dorm things yet to clear the suitcase I plan to take with me to Shanghai. So I guess I won’t be packing tonight. However, I have been listening to Chinese music on YouTube, courtesy some recommendations from my Chinese teacher, my brother’s Spanish teacher, a few of my Chinese friends, and some selections I stumbled upon of my own thanks to their input. Here are my top ten picks:

一:許一鳴 – 空白格

二:韩红 – 往事随风

三:杭盖乐队 – 杭盖

四:杭盖乐队 – 轮回

五:孙楠 和 韩红 – 美麗的神話

六:許一鳴 – 山丘


八:彭也 – Love Love Love

九:谭晶 – 谭晶 康美之恋

十:都 – 北京欢迎你

我 觉 得 这 首 歌 好 听。 你 呢?还 蕭敬腾 好 看。

**Disclaimer: I honestly can’t guarantee all the Chinese I’m throwing out here is grammatically correct. It should be somewhat decently close though (hopefully).