Goodbye America, Hellooo China!

Oh my. At this time tomorrow, I will already be on my way to China! It’s coming up so soon, yet it still feels so surreal. Granted, I still have to finish up packing and whatnot (which, by the way, is very stressful because I am allowed only one check-in baggage and one carry-on). Let me tell you: you don’t realize how much you actually use on a daily basis until you have to pack it all up in a suitcase that cannot surpass 50 pounds (that’s 23kg for the metric users out there). Fifty pounds (or 23kg) may sound like a lot, but in reality it really isn’t that much – my personal hygiene items alone is already half of that weight! And I still have to pack clothes and shoes, and whatever other essentials I think of along the way.

After all this packing, after 20 hours of flight time, and after 3 hours of ground travel will the adventures begin. So soon, yet so far away (literally). But no matter – I’m ready for the time of my life! Goodbye America, hellooo China!