Preparing to Go to China

Hey everyone,

I’m back on the blog! Last summer I studied abroad for a month in Siem Reap, Cambodia and never would have guessed that a year later I’d be preparing to study abroad in Shanghai, China. Spring semester ended on May 14th, and since then I’ve been scrambling to get everything together. Yesterday I said good-bye to Madison and my dear cat, Louis, and I’m currently at home trying to minimize the amount of clothes in my suitcase. You’d think I would have mastered the art of packing by now…

This summer I will be taking two courses abroad, one titled “Society, Modernity, and Chinese Religion” taught by UW Madison’s Professor Mark Meulenbeld and another titled, “China’s International Relations” taught by a professor from East China Normal University. I had taken a class on Taoism with Professor Meulenbeld, but besides that and a course I had taken on Asian art history, I had very little knowledge about China before my acceptance into this program. I think that’s what makes this all the more exciting, though! And the answer to your questions is, no, I do not know how to speak Mandarin Chinese, however I have downloaded an app on my phone that’s been guiding me alongside the various language materials provided to us before studying abroad. Our flight leaves Chicago on May 24th! We leave at around 10:40AM and the flight is around 15 hours…not nearly as rough as my 23 hour flight to Siem Reap. However, we are flying non-stop.

I’m SO excited to dive into this experience. The next time you hear from me I’ll be across the world!