A Day with Me in Florence

Before I Start

After the past two extremely busy and amazing weeks living and studying in Florence, Italy, I’m finally here writing my first post.

To be honesty, I am not procrastinating. The reason why I didn’t post my first study abroad blog until now is that there are literally too much to talk about and too much excitements happening. I did took a crazy amount of pictures and videos. Later on, I will edit and share them. Stay Tuned!

One Day in Firenze…


With all the surprising discoveries and adventures, I have gradually developed my own Italian lifestyle. Every single day in this historical city is DIFFERENT for me and I would love to share all of my exciting days with you. This time I’m sharing a lovely Wednesday!

My first thing to do when I wake up is opening the window and letting all the sunshine come in my cozy room. I’m now living in the center of Florence, an old but absolutely cozy apartment. And the view from my apartment is so poetic. Whenever I look through my window, I’m always amazed by the european style buildings.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.35.02 AM SAM_1459

Today I have a roll of black and white film to photograph before my class starts, which is 1pm on Wednesday. I wanted to check a gorgeous garden called Giardino della Rose. It is around 30-min walk from my apartment to there, kind of far. So I decided to bike there. Interesting story: I got my bike the first week after I arrived in this city from a couple from Madison, Wisconsin! It is absolutely a small world.


Yes! Giardino della Rose is amazingly beautiful. Since I went there pretty early in the morning like around 9 am, there were only a few people instead of a lot of tourists. It is a nice place to photograph plants and to sketch the view of the whole city.

SAM_1461After I finished my one roll of film, I was a little bit hungry, and it’s already 11 am. I went to a healthy juice bar to get a cup of fresh juice and a chocolate croissant. Nom nom, so good. I love my brunch to be simple and healthy to kick off another amazing day.



SAM_1464 SAM_1467 SAM_1465

About 2 hours before my class, I was staying in the library in the main building of my study abroad program in Florence. This program is called Studio Art Centers International Florence, aka SACI and I’m currently studying black and white photography and sculpture. To finish my reading assigned by my foto professor, I decided to stay here. This library is quiet and cozy. Even though it looks pretty small from the pictures, it has a lot of books including references books, text books, books your professors assigned for extra credits, books for different categories of art, art videos, CDs and magazines, etc. I love study here. It’s different from studying in College Library, not a spacious place but make you feel filled with knowledge.

SAM_1279 SAM_1282

YAY! Finally, class time started at 1 pm today. My class is from 1 to 6:30pm. I know it sounds terrifying but it’s not. It is absolutely an endless enjoyment. Only 10 students in my class, so our professor can do in class demo and instruct you one by one. Recently, we have been introducing the concept of photogram, a way of making photograph without using camera. Instead, we are going to play with the objects we bring and light. Today’s class was so much fun as usual.


After my class, I scheduled a photo shoot with my new friend Katy I met in SACI program. While I am studying abroad, I am also interning for an online magazine, CollegeFashionista. My latest post is featuring Katy and talking about her style in Florence. Check my post if you are interested in what I’m doing and what Katy’s style is! I’d love you to read my post in the future as well. Also, follow me on Instagram if you want to see more pictures of my fashion posts and my florence adventures: https://instagram.com/leeyannxu/ Here is the link for Katy’s look: http://www.collegefashionista.com/style-advice-of-the-week-metallic-love/

SAM_1489 SAM_1494

At 7 pm, on my way to dinner with my best friend Colin and our Italian friend Illy, same as the coffee’s name ;P, I snapped some random pictures of Piazza del Duomo, the center of Firenze. And yes, my apartment is right 2-min walk from here.



We had dinner in a traditional Italian restaurant called Ristorante Montecatini recommended by our authentic and “walking Italian dictionary” friend Illy. This restaurant has over 100-year history. People are very friendly! I ordered a beef strew cooked with red wine and Italian Black paper. It is amazing. Sorry I was so amazed by my food, so i forgot to take pictures. Btw, from my personal traveling experience, it is always the best to make some local friends to know more about this city and even this country. Illy is the first Italian I met in florence. I also met another awesome girl named Pilar from Florence. They taught me a lot Italian and gave me countless super helpful recommendations for food and other important things. They are super super helpful and friendly!! I love them.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 6.44.19 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.01.56 PM

Haha! I hear you! Where is GELATO!!! There you go, gelato time. At round 10 pm, my friends and I went to Edoardo, a famous place for gelato. There is always a long long line of people just waiting for a cone. AND! Beyonce was here last Thursday at this exactly place I went. I had the white wine and kiwi flavors. To be honest, they are just ok… But so far after having gelato almost every single day lol, my personal favorite is called Gelato Santa Trinita. It is on the south side of the river and right at the end of the bridge called Ponte Santa Trinita. The mix of chocolate and strawberry is OMG the best.

I think this is pretty much about this Wednesday. As I said, every single day is different and exciting. I will post some more articles for my A Day With Me series. If you like my post and my pictures free feel and of course you are super welcome to follow me on Instagram @leeyannxu and check my CollegeFashionista posts at http://www.collegefashionista.com/author/leyanxu/

Stay tuned! There will be more articles coming up. This upcoming weekend I’m going to an island of France, called Corsica. I will be doing my photography project there and for sure having fun! Can’t wait to share my experience! See you soon!