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My Weekend in Corsica France

SAM_0109When you are studying abroad in Europe, one of the best things to be excited about is your weekends!  In Europe, it is fairly easy to travel across different countries with convenient ways of transportation. Since I’m now studying abroad in Florence, Italy, my friends and I planned a lot of places to go.  Besides the ones in Italy, Corsica island of France is in our top 3! The past weekend, my friend and I went to this lovely island for only 38 hours total. But it was amazing and worthwhile.

SAM_0125First, we took the train for 2 hours from Florence to Livorno, which costs 9 euros for one person.Once we arrived at Livorno, we took the bus to the port. The bus ticket for one person is 1.70 euros.
Then we took the cruise for around 4 hours to Bastia, the east coast of Corsica Island. The ticket of the cruise is around 37 euros per person.
The 4-hour cruise trip may sound overwhelming and tiring. However, it was one of the best parts of the trip.  The boat is really nice and it offers services like restaurant, shopping, sun deck, video games, swimming pool, etc. It SAM_0104may sound like a tedious trip, but it was so much relaxing and enjoyable on the cruise.  In addition, not a lot of people  that day on the cruise was a big plus.  The views both from the boat and inside the boat are beautiful.  Since my friend and I are both taking film photography class, it was such an precious photo shoot opportunity for us to make gorgeous photographs.
Even our professor from our class encourages us to take pictures while we are exploring on our trips.
For the return, all the tickets are the same but just at different time made accordingly to our schedule.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 11.51.02 PMFor accommodation in Europe, you should try both hotel booking and Since I used a lot Airbnb when I was traveling in Europe before, I personally like Airbnb. This website offers more choices of accommodations in Europe with a wide price range. From this website, I can always find a nice apartment with a good price.


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.53.19 PMWeekends are supposed to be relaxing.  The time we stayed in Corsica island was mostly exploring the local restaurants, strolling through the streets, lying on the beach and taking photographs for our photography projects.  If you are interested, check my instagram account @leeyannxu to see more pictures I took when I was in the island!



Studying abroad in Europe cannot be even luckier! While you are studying abroad in Europe, you have the precious chance to see the world and explore the unknown.  Make your mind and come study abroad in Europe. Your fantastic weekends are waiting for you!