KTV(Krazy Team Vocals!)

上海 Blog #27


Tuesday June 16th, 2015

Local Time: 20:14 Shanghai Time

So, it rained profusely once again today, which was unfortunate because we were scheduled to volunteer outside at a park nearby. Instead, we walked a few blocks in a down pour to mall that held the legendary KTV.

What is KTV? I’m glad you asked! KTV is quite literally the coolest Karaoke place in the whole wide world (my world being defined as the West Coast, Midwest and Shanghai). You walk into this mansion like complex that’s filled with hundreds of darkened rooms sporting disco balls, flashing lights, two large TV screens and two touch screen kiosks from which desired songs can be added to a queue. When a selected song comes on, the music video is shown with lyrics displayed at the bottom of the screen indicating when to sing. There are two hand held mikes, one stage mike, a booth and a whole load of barstools. Definitely my kind of place.

As if the atmosphere wasn’t baffling enough, you should’ve seen the song selection. They must have had millions of titles. No, really, I swear! Naturally they had thousands upon thousands of Chinese songs, English songs, and also Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Spanish, German, and more. It was nothing short of crazy. Even more impressively, not only did they have the originals of certain songs, they also had covers, such as Mindy Smith’s cover of Dolly Parton’s Joline. Even more impressively, they had entire season’s worth of live sung songs from famous singing shows from Chinese Idol to Sing my Song. What really impressed me is that they had the entire multi-season collection of 最美和声, my all time favorite Chinese singing show featuring famous singers who sing back up to the contestants. 太好了!

Dinner featured a delicious hot pot like fish dish smothered in spices with vegetables and Happy Lemon. Just a note on Chinese food: it is really easy to get home sick for American food, but that’s mostly just if you shut yourself in a box with what you’re willing to try. Variety can be found you just have to look for it. Also, if you just eat the cheaper street food, you encounter many for the same flavors. It’s so worth it to actually but down some money on some actual food. For example, the fish dish and veggies probably ran about 45-50 yuan a person, which is about $8 for really high quality and unique food. Highly recommend.

Also, meet portions in China tend to be super small compared to their American counterparts. Cheese is pretty much not an option for any dish. The vegetables and fruits appear to be fresher and not genetically modified. Good stuff.

KTV fancy lobby
KTV fancy lobby