Český Krumlov

I went to a magical place last weekend. Not real magic but sights and stories that left me in awe the entire time. Located in the Southern Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, Český Krumlov is a hidden village built around the curve of an omega-shaped river, the Vltava River. Only 30 minutes away from the German and Austrian border, this tiny town shares an arrangement of visitors.

When we arrived to the village, the first thing we did was take a walking tour. We entered the chapel of St. Vitus Church. It was one of the most beautiful and high attention to detailed settings I have ever been in. Next we wandered into a square and noticed real time acting occurring for an art festival being hosted. I could only recognize that there were pirates, but the rest of the actors were characters I’ve never seen before.

Our tour ended in Krumlov Chateau, my new favorite castle. I can stare at this beautiful piece of work for hours on end. Truly charming. When you pass through the entrance and step upon the property you will soon make way to a tunnel to further enter the castle. Just before the tunnel surrounds you, you will find yourself on a bridge. Look over the edge of the bridge. I bet you would never guess what I saw. Bears. Big brown bears are housed on the outside of the castle as past owners believed their family had a connection with the strong, intimidating animal. The uncommon reality of this event still leaves me stunned. How interesting to house these animals not for safety but for character. As I walked further into the castle, the outdoor area, I soaked up the view of the entire village.

While wandering the vicinity of the castle I saw many spectacularly dressed men and women. They were here for a wedding. That’s when it occurred to me: OMG I need to have my wedding here! Yes, so you’re the first to know. No man, no save-the-date, but the location of my fairytale wedding has been chosen!

I can’t stress enough how badly I want everyone to visit this UNESCO protected village in southern Czech Republic. Even students in my program who went to different villages expressed their jealously with my trip. I strongly believe, no matter your background or interests, there’s something to love about Chesky Krumlov and you should work in a day trip to your next European adventure.

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