Afrika: Mwanzo Mpya 9

Monday, July 6th

The Last Night at Moyo Hill


Today was our last day at Moyo Hill, and boy, was it an unforgettable one. We started the day with breakfast and a program debrief, which consisted of students and staff talking about what they loved and giving constructive criticism. It got a little emotional with all of the staff saying how they are going to miss us. After that, all of the students and our student affairs manager, Becky, also had a separate debrief. Besides talking about reverse culture shock and readjustment, we played the ‘Touch Someone Who” game. I’ve played it before, and it’s always very emotional. Basically, everyone has their head down while a couple people go in the middle of the circle. The moderator then reads questions like “Touch someone who has inspired you. Touch someone who will change the world. Touch someone who you have shared a secret with” etc. It was inspiring and an eye opener, and everyone was in tears by the end. After that, we had lunch then played volleyball for a couple of hours and then student vs. staff soccer! It was quite the day. We had another celebratory goat dinner, cake and chant circle before watching The Lion King.


This trip has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. For those of you that don’t know, I decided to cancel the second session. Believe me, I would love to stay here in Tanzania for another month, but the second session just wouldn’t have been the best bet, both academically and financially. I am content with my decision, but I plan to return to this amazing country again within the next couple of years. This has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I’ll never forget it. Between the faculty, staff and my fellow students, I have met so many wonderful people here, and I will never forget most of them. Between the crazy safaris, Kioko’s driving, long nights of rummy and cramming for assignments, I have more wonderful memories here than I would have ever imagined. My heart is bursting at the seams.


Tomorrow, we leave camp  by 9am and head to the Kilimanjaro airport. Luckily, a group of friends and I will be taking a flight to Zanzibar to spend the next week- that will be an adventure by itself. I can’t wait to see where the next day will lead me. Thanks to everyone who helped me get here.


I want to give a special shout out to this girl here. It’s crazy to think that only 30 days ago we were complete strangers in the JFK airport and I wanted to talk to you because you looked super sweet. Crazy to think that we would be banda mates and become so close this month. You are a truly wonderful person with a heart of gold and high standards. I really hope to stay in touch forever, and can’t wait to see you again! I’ll miss yah, Madie! I’ll also never forget that moment that we arrived in the Serengeti and were driving to camp during the sunset. I was feeling all types of ways and told you, and what you said to me, I’ll always remember:

“It’s a weird feeling when your dreams come true”

That quote summed up this entire trip.