Back in Wisconsin

It’s been exactly thirteen days since I arrived back in the United States! It feels so strange to be back. The plane ride back went by super fast because I spent most of it researching for the paper due for our International Studies course. Immediately when I arrived home I showed my family all the cool trinkets and clothes I had found in China and I gave them their gifts. We even had a little tea ceremony with the tea and tea set I brought back from China! The next day jet lag completely wore me out, but I continued to work on my paper for most of the day.

Two days after arriving back in Wisconsin, my sister and I boarded a place to California so that my sister Jessi could compete at the National HOSA competition! We spent two days in Anaheim for her competition and spent four days with our Aunt Peggy in Mission Viejo just twenty minutes from the competition. It was nice to keep busy and California definitely distracted me from missing China right away, but now that I’m finally home and am back to my regular schedule of summer reading and working at SAFEwalk I’m practically drowning in Shanghai nostalgia. I really miss my favorite Chinese dishes, stir-fried hand-pulled noodles with egg and bok choy and zongzi. I also miss how everyday was a new, exciting adventure. I think I just need to start keeping an eye out for interesting new things to do in Madison!

I’m really excited to write my reflection paper for this program. It’s due on July 23rd but already I’m starting to piece together what this experience really meant to me. I’ll never forget the culture shock I experienced my first few days in Shanghai. I’m so thankful I was able to overcome the shock and really dive into my study abroad experience. I created so many treasured friendships and memories! Thank you everyone for keeping up with this blog and letting me share my experience. I’m so thankful UW Madison was able to provide me this opportunity. Now where will I be off to next….?