Stuck at the Airport, Spelling Bee, and Goubuli Baozi

Blog post 8         Friday, July 24, 2015

This past week was long, but also very eventful. Let me start from this past Sunday night.

My flight back from Fuzhou to Tianjin had a layover at Wuhan, which is west of and between Fuzhou and Tianjin. Seeing that I had class the next morning, I purposely choose an earlier flight back, in which I would arrive back in Tianjin at 7pm. Well, it turned out that there were severe thunderstorms in Tianjin, so we couldn’t fly back on time. So instead of being back at 7pm, we got back at 1am. I was pretty tired our first day of second semester linguistics class. (Fun fact: did you know that the term “bus,” as in school bus, is actually shortened from omnibus? The more you know!)

On Wednesday, we had the spelling bee. I was hard-core stressing over it because there were so many vocabulary words to know. The spelling bee words turned out to be easier than I thought, so that was a big relief. Whew! And guess who won? That’s right, I won! Yay me!

On Friday at Chinese Table, they announced the spelling bee winners. We received a certificate and cold hard cash as our prize. I like to think of the cash as earning back a very small amount of the money paid for the program. Heehee.


Friday night for dinner, I went to a restaurant called Goubuli (狗不理). It is a very famous specialty of Tianjin, known for their delicious baozi (包子). Indeed, it was delicious. My favorite type that we had was the traditional soup buns – my mouth is starting to water again just from thinking about it. The restaurant was a bit expensive, but it is also pretty fancy and the food was definitely worth it. If you’re ever in Tianjin, I would definitely recommend Goubuli baozi.

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