Hallstatt, Austria


During the end of June I went on a small weekend trip to Hallstatt, Austria. This location was really something special for me to see because this small mountain town has a view that has been on my bucket list for years. One of my happiest moments this summer was being able to fulfill this trip.


The car ride from Prague to Hallstatt was about 4 and a half hours. A 4 hour road trip in the states seems like forever but in Europe I was always thinking “That’s nothing! Sign me up!”

Once we entered the mountain area that makes up so much of Austria, Hallstatt was not far away. The first thing we did when we arrived was climbing Dachstein Salzkammergut. We didn’t actually need to climb, there were lifts that swiftly brought us up above the clouds. But once you were to the top you did need to do some extra hiking.


At the top of Dachstein Salzkammergut the weather was not ideal. Chilly, snowy, rainy. I could have worn a winter coat but my raincoat was sufficient. What I was in search for was the “5 fingers”. The 5 fingers are platforms that extend over the mountain off of its edge so it is as if you are just standing in the middle of the air. It’s sort of shaped like a hand, hence its name. Absolutely thrilling! And it was so beautiful. Usually heights don’t scare me but today was a little different because it was so windy I thought my phone might fall out of my hands while I attempt taking pictures. Luckily it wasn’t super cloudy so we couldn’t see the little mountain towns below, I was able to see everything. There were a few more attractions but it was too cold outside to enjoy them on top of the mountain, so my friends and I headed back down beneath the clouds.

On my walk back to the lift I passed a heard of sheep. We looked at each other for awhile, some staring at me as I continued to walk as if I was the one invading their home and they were trying to scare me away. I left like they wanted but it was a cool surprise. These sheep seriously came out of nowhere.


Hallstatt is a very touristy town. Primarily for day trips as there is limited area to for lodging. One of the main souvenirs to purchase was salt as the mountains were good for salt miners. Besides taking a million and one pictures because I was so excited to be there, I did a lot of souvenir shopping. I’ll be back to Hallstatt someday to show my friends and family how cool of a place it is. Next time it better be warm and sunny though! If you ever find yourself in southern Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, or northern Italy you should definitely consider the drive to Hallstatt.