University of Wisconsin–Madison

Closing Ceremony

Blog post 9                          August 7, 2015

Wow. I remember the Opening Ceremony back in May like it was yesterday, and now, we’ve had our Closing Ceremony. During the Closing Ceremony, we received a certificate from Nankai University and our report card. I’ve successfully completed 12-credits worth of classes and my grades are perfect (excuse the bragging) – I am feeling very accomplished right now! *Pats myself on the back*

Closing Ceremony

Like every other end of the semester, I have to start packing again. I’m a bit apprehensive about my packing situation because, well, I have too much stuff. Lots of souvenirs, lots of clothes, lots of everything. I also have to pack in a HUGE comforter (which belongs to my mom) that I picked up from my grandma’s house in Fuzhou to bring back home. I’m pretty sure my luggage is going to be overweight, but I suppose that’s okay because it’s actually more expensive to ship packages from China to the US compare to the overweight luggage fee!

I absolutely cannot wait to go back home. I can’t wait to see my family again – it’s been three long months away from home, but three very short months in Tianjin…if that makes sense. My flight back to the States is on Monday, and since the program doesn’t have anything planned for this last weekend, I decided to go back to Beijing for the weekend. I promised myself that I’d go climb the Great Wall this summer because I’ve been wanting to climb it ever since I can remember, and I’m going to make that happen this weekend.