There and Back Again

Final Blog Post                   August 23, 2015

Being jetlagged is the worst. You’re tired during the day when your body thinks it needs to sleep, and completely wide awake at night when your body thinks it’s daytime outside. It took me a whole week to recover from the jetlag (and that’s with the help of a sleeping aid)!

Everything seems so surreal being back home. I know that I’m back at home, yet it feels too good to be real. I’m back to green grass, a soft and comfortable bed, clean air, and best of all, my parents’ cooking…yummm.

This summer went by way too fast. And I can’t believe I was in China just two weeks ago! Everything starting from getting onto the plane to go to China and to the moment I stepped foot back on US ground seemed like a dream. I learned so much in the past three months, met a ton of new people, and made a handful of new friends! As a matter of fact, we discovered that one of the students in the program and I are related! That moment of discovery was definitely a very exciting one, to the point where I couldn’t sleep that night! If I could go back to China, I would take my family to see and experience Tianjin and Beijing like I did. To those of you considering this program – Go.

On Wisconsin!

On Wisconsin