Halfway there

After 4 weeks in Prague, things got really difficult. Not difficult because I was homesick or no longer wanted to be in Europe. It was really hard to say goodbye to 80+ friends I made during session I of my program. They were off to another study site, traveling, or heading back to the U.S. We spend so much time together and it made me realize how great this experience was if no one wants to say goodbye to each other. Everyone feels so strongly about this we already have a reunion planned in December. Sadly, I probably wont attend because it’s during the same week as exams here in Madison. (A lot of them go to southern schools and their winter break starts earlier than ours). Luckily there were a couple girls I met this summer that go to Madison so we can get together anytime we want.


Goodbye to some also meant hello to others. We also were able to welcome about 40+ new students to Prague in June. It was like starting a new semester: new classes, new classmates. This situation made the students who were there for both session I and session II a lot closer too. We were inseparable for the first 4 weeks and now we could do it all over again. Something I didn’t realize before leaving Wisconsin was that I had the opportunity to make incredible bonds while abroad. I didn’t expect to meet so many people similar to me and that I have a fantastic time with. Tip for those thinking about studying abroad- it’s probably harder to not make friends than to make friends.

On the brightest side, I was SO HAPPY to still be in the Czech Republic. 4 Weeks went by so fast I did not want to leave yet, not having to was the best feeling ever. I’m really happy I signed up for 2 sessions this summer. And surprisingly, I had plenty left to see in Prague still.

My final 4 weeks in Prague I was looking forward to Hallstatt, Barcelona, and planning an additional 2 weeks solo travel to Italy. My European summer was nowhere near the end and I was becoming an expert and travel.