Pomme. Apple.

What woke me up Wednesday morning was not the cold and crispy air of Aix, instead, it was an activation request of my cell phone.

“Bonjour!” My phone said. I swiped right.

“Please enter your Apple ID and password.” No problem, I thought.

“Wrong password. Wrong Account.” Oh, I probably made a typo.

I was meticulous the second time. But after ten failed attempts, I was baffled because how could my password be wrong when I had never changed it before.

As usual, I decided to ask Google for help. But the second I opened my laptop, the screen froze and then it turned black. Ten seconds later, it asked me for my Apple ID and password. Of course the password and the ID were wrong. Again.

The same issue happened to my iPad as well. Now you could only imagine how nervous and panicked I was when I found out none of my Apple devices worked and I couldn’t even know what time it was.

Though it was a national holiday in France, thank God the Apple store was open.

After two hours of failing to speak French to the staff and trying to explain the situation in English, I was told that an email with a link to reset my password would be sent to me, and I should check my inbox frequently. Meanwhile, I had to stay in my friend’s apartment so that I could have access to the laptop and the Internet.

It has been two hours. Where’s the email? I asked myself.

In order to make sure it wasn’t recognized as trash, I opened my spam folder.

Then I saw this strange email.


If you want to unblock your Apple devices, contact me. We can talk about the price


WHAT?? I was hacked? My heart was beating so fast and I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I called Apple Tech Support immediately and I was informed that my primary email set for my Apple ID was changed to a new email that I’d never had before, and the password was certainly changed as well.

After hours of talking with the tech support on the phone, I was finally able to have access to my phone and my iPad, but they couldn’t do anything to my laptop over the phone, so I had to go back to the Apple store.

When I finally went back to the store, exhausted and frustrated, I was informed that without a receipt to prove that I’m the owner, they couldn’t fix my laptop.

Where do I find the receipt? It had been two years since I purchased it.

Miss, you’ll have to do your best to find the receipt.

Long story short, it was not until Saturday that I got the receipt emailed from Best Buy and had my laptop fixed.  Also, everything on my Apple devices, phone, iPad, and laptop was erased by the hacker. Words can’t describe how I felt when I saw empty folders and albums. It’s like someone robbed my memories.