University of Wisconsin–Madison

Cue the Nerves

It is approximately two weeks until I depart on a life-changing adventure. Up until this point I have been filled with an overwhelming sense of eagerness and excitement for the journey ahead, but I can now say that the nerves are starting to kick in. I am most anxious about what it will feel like when I step off the plane. This is my first time in Europe and honestly I have no idea what to expect or to prepare for. The unknown is what keeps pressing my mind.

Packing is a chore in itself. I’ve heard the best way to go about it is to pack everything you want to take, then eliminate 20% of it. I can already tell this process will be a struggle for me, given that I’m notorious for over packing. I’ve started to pick out staple pieces, simple shirts and jackets that I can pair with multiple outfits.

I’m also trying to tie up the loose ends before I leave, which I am now wishing I didn’t put off until just two mere weeks before I leave. I have to figure out my phone plan, my prescriptions, my bank, and a couple others that are making my plate feel pretty full.

But despite the nervousness and the unsettling thoughts of packing up and leaving the country for four months, I still couldn’t be more excited for this experience that lies ahead of me. More than anything I just want to get on the plane. It’s been a lot of talking (I’ve literally been talking about this trip for a year) and now I’m just ready to go. I’m sick of discussing Italy and imagining what it will be like. I just need to be there and immerse myself in everything it has to offer.

If you want to follow along through all of my traveling escapades I’ll be posting regularly once I get there! I’m excited to be able to share this with all of you 🙂

Well, the next time you hear from me it’ll be from Firenze. Wish me luck!!!!