My First Day in the Land Down Under

After months of waiting and anticipation, I finally made it to Sydney! I could not be happier that I’m here. Despite the long day and night of traveling, I managed to get a taste of my university and local destinations.

The flights to Sydney were long but not as brutal as I was expecting. I am eternally thankful for the dozens of movies and food the flight provided me (my book and Sudoku puzzles could only entertain me for so long). Right when I got out of the Sydney airport, a blast of hot air hit me like a truck!

Once getting to the apartment, I was beyond relieved to say the least. The employee that works with the accommodation service was wonderful! She showed me around the apartment as well as the general area surrounding the apartment. My favorite part was seeing the beautiful campus of the University of Sydney (nickname: Uni) as well as the city view that came with it! Not only did it have a gorgeous park surrounding it but the campus also had the architecture that you would think you would only see in postcards and movies.

View of the Quadrangle from Victoria Park
Victoria Park on Uni Campus
View of Sydney from Uni
View of Sydney from Uni

My guide then took me to the local supermarket. After a day and night of traveling, the colorful displays of fruits, vegetables, meats, and drinks had never looked so welcoming. My guide introduced me to kangaroo meat, describing it as a sweet meat that has the texture comparable to deer. I intend to try this in the near future, and you will be hearing about that soon!

After I collected some food and got back, I met up with one student who is also from UW Madison. Both of us were feeling the fatigue from the long day of traveling. My eyes felt like they were being weighed down my cannon balls. My legs but in order to conquer the jet lag we needed to survive the rest of the day without sleeping! To keep ourselves awake, we wandered the streets of Sydney and checked out local stores. For dinner we found a local burger joint. These burgers put the burgers I’ve had in the States to shame! There is no better way to end a day with a perfectly crafted cheeseburger!

I am so grateful and happy that I am finally in the Land Down Under! Just from my first day here, I know I am going to have the time of my life. Prepare to hear more about my experiences in the future.

Welcome to the University of Sydney!
Welcome to the University of Sydney!