Tasting Tuscany

So I’m now just hitting the adjustment stage. I’m finally learning how to navigate Florence, which is a huge relief because I walk evveryyywhere. I’ve never walked more in my life, but probably good given all the carbs I’ve been consuming.

This past weekend was our first time out of the city. A group of people from my school went on a Tuscan Winery Tour. It was well worth the price and the bus ride there. We got to try at least 15 different wines, had a three course meal, and the views were amazing.

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Not going to lie, it is reallly hard to get back into a class schedule. The classes are longgggg compared to school in Madison. I’m never not tired. Good thing Italy has espresso on every corner. I’m also learning the customs here- such as how you have to pay more to sit down versus standing at the bar when you order coffee, and how everyone walks really really slow, and customer service is not really a thing….

I’m finally learning some Italian vocabulary, although it is still slim. I really wish I would’ve learned more before I came because I feel rude when I have to ask everyone if they speak English.

I went to the doctor today, and it was surprisingly very easy to get prescribed medication over here, which is very reassuring if any serious problems come up.

I’ve made some incredible people already. Most of them go to my school but I had no idea who they were until this trip. I can already tell I will come out of this semester having some really good friendships. I’ve been busy planning my trips, which has been a little more difficult than I thought, but I’m soo excited for the adventures to come.

I’m starting to miss my friends, family, and most importantly my dog. But Skype is a beautiful thing and my family will be visiting in no time! I’m heading to Prague tomorrow, my first time outside of this country, and I’m super excited but I do not know what to expect! Will be sure to let you know how it goes : )