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So here I am about 6 weeks into my program in Milan, sitting and wondering where all the time went. My time here has been unforgettable to say the least. In the past month and a half, I’ve seen the Milan Duomo countless times, hiked a mountain in Switzerland, went to the beach in Barcelona, and learned more about myself and the world than I ever thought I could. I always knew traveling was going to be the backdrop of my life, but following through for the first time on it has changed my outlook on the world. By the time I leave Milan, I will have visited 10 countries and 17 cities. Here’s a look back on a few things I’ve seen and done so far.

Florence was without a doubt one of the most beautiful and authentic cities I have ever seen. Even though it is gigantic, the Florence Duomo sneaks up on you around corners. One moment you’re walking down a side street, and the next you’re gazing upon the vast structure. Florence is so small that it makes the Duomo look that much larger.


Our next destination was Zurich, Switzerland- a city I had almost zero expectations for. I couldn’t have been further off. Everyone in Zurich was extremely polite and knew about 6 languages. Upon arriving, the first thing we did was search for the best hot chocolate we could find. Café Schober did not disappoint, and the $9 price was so very worth it. We hiked Mt. Uetliberg, a 4 hour hike overlooking Zurich. After the hike we ate egregiously overpriced fondue on top of the mountain, overlooking the amazing country of Switzerland- was not expecting this kind of experience. Zurich also has a river that runs through the middle of the city. It was the perfect combination of nature and metropolitan.

zurich 2 Zurich 3 Zurich 1

Recently we visited Barcelona, otherwise known as Spanish paradise. After a great night out, we rented bikes and rode around the city for a few hours. We biked the beach, saw the sights, did the things. We went through Citadel Park, Park Guell, Los Bunkers del Carmel which overlook a 360 view of Barcelona, and most importantly of all- ate paella. We went to the Boqueria, a large street market abundant with food. Each day was sunny and 65. I understand my friends’ choices to study abroad there!

Barcelona 1 Bacelona 2

With over a month down, it is starting to occur to me that maybe I won’t be in Milan forever (scary thought). After being so sick the first couple weeks, I have made a commitment to not miss anything else here in Europe. With a full slate of traveling left in my remaining time, I can’t wait to see ALL the stuff and do ALL the things!



2 thoughts on “Saw the stuff, did the things”

  1. Hi Alex, You are so lucky to see all these beautiful cities. I’ve been to all of them and each one is a jewel. I know your parents and Aunt Gere are coming to visit. You will have a lot to show them.
    You’re missing March Madness. So far I’m 12th in the standings. Mich. St. Did me in. They lost their first game and I had them going to the final 4. Indiana is doing well beating Kentucky but they play N. Carolina next. I have Kansas winning it all.
    I’m still in Florida enjoying the beach and pool. I’m not leaving till April 20. My Easter is not till May 1. It’s late because Passover is late. Are you doing anything special for Easter. I think it would be very interesting to see how they celebrate it in Italy.
    I really enjoy reading your blog. You are a very good writer.
    Love, Yiayia

  2. Alex, I am so glad you are well now and pacing it all in. Can’t wait to see you and get more details. Love.

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