Spring Break

Ciao! I’ve been very busy with midterms and travel but I’m back! While I was gone I headed north to Dublin and the Irish coastline, then back to Italy to spend spring break with my wonderful mother and stepdad.

My friend Sam came to visit me from home and I got to show her around Florence before taking off for St. Patricks Day in Dublin! There I met up with some friends from home as well so it was quite the reunion! The town was crazy because of the holiday but so so much fun! My mom joined us soon and we left the city for the Atlantic coastline and the Cliffs of Moher. Honestly they were so breathtaking. I loved loved loved them. The little beach houses in the countryside were so quaint and cute. Ireland is probably the most opposite feel from Italy that I’ve experienced so far this semester. It was very green and the people were so friendly 🙂

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I was sad to leave this beautiful country but was excited to show my mom around Florence. Although we soon left Florence for Cinque Terre, a small area on the northern coast of Italy. We visited four of the five towns in just one day- including a two hour strenuous hike from one village to another! It was the first beautiful day I’ve had in awhile and it made the experience so amazing. My mom absolutely loved Cinque Terre and Florence so I’m really glad she got to see both.

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Now my mom and Sam are gone 🙁 Was very sad to watch them go but seeing how much they loved it here just made me realize how truly lucky I am to be able to spend two more months in this amazing country. I’m off to Budapest next weekend, then Amsterdam and I cannot contain my excitement!!! I’ve heard so much good things about both places. The weather here in Florence is getting so so nice. Like straight 75 and sunny nice. Might have to skip a class or two and train to the beach 🙂

Will make sure to write about my experiences in the next two cities! Feeling more grateful everyday I spend here and looking forward to all things that lie ahead of me 🙂


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