When Months Feel Like Days

Since I last posted, I have seen the absurd beauty of the Cinque Terre, witnessed the amazing history of Rome, and experienced the day in the life as a Londoner. After all this traveling, it was fantastic to be back straight kicking it in Milan. My parents visited for 10 days as well, so it has really been quite a spring break.

Let’s start in chronological order with London. The city is massive. 3 full days is all we had, so we made the absolute most of them. We did a free walking tour and saw all the historic sights of London- London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster, Kensigton Palace, everything you could think of. London was the first city I went to that I think I could study in. Everyone actually understanding my English was refreshing to say the least. London: 9/10

london1 london2

After London I visited some friends in Rome. My first impression of Rome was just a crazy bustling city, to which I was correct. The part about Rome that makes it such a stunning city is the history that is literally on every corner. You can be walking down a street and come upon a 1000 year old fountain surrounded by modern buildings, absolutely magnificent. I could have gotten lost in the Roman Forum for a couple days. There was so much to the Forum and the Coliseum, I could have spent my weekend in just those 2 places. Next we went to Vatican City, which was so lavish my heart stopped when I walked in. It is the most beautiful man-made place I have ever seen. My only complaint about Rome was how absolutely touristy it was.  As my friend put it, “Rome is basically a theme park for tourists.” Spot on, I’d say. Rome: 8.4/10

rome3 rome2 rome1

After 3 exhausting days in Rome, we took the train north into the Cinque Terre- Italian for “The Five Lands”. Wow. Just absolutely indescribable. I feel bad for posting photos, because nothing I could put on this blog does this place justice. We stayed overnight in a small fishing village called Riomaggiore, and got an early start in the morning for our approximately 15 mile hike. As we climbed through these trails overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, I just kept wondering to myself how a place like this could actually exist. After capping our hike with a couple bottles of wine, we sat on the beach in the last town called Monterosso. Definitely a highlight ofmy trip, and my life in general! Cinque Terre: 12/10

ct4 ct3 Ct2 ct1

I apologize for not posting recently, I have been traveling for 3 weeks straight and have been in Milan for exactly 2 days! School is starting to get real, so I definitely am cutting back on the traveling in the coming months. Back to real life soon! Until then, I’m just going to keep imagining I am at Cinque Terre.