Getting Involved on Campus: USYD Update

For this post, I would like to discuss how I have been getting more involved on the University of Sydney campus. Today, I will be talking about my new role as a video editor for an independent student video outlet run exclusively by USYD students. The organization is called USYD Update (, which was established in 2015. We record, edit, and publicize weekly videos covering issues that range from news, culture, art, and even comedy. I consider it one of the highlights of my experience abroad thus far. It has given me the chance to become more involved on campus and interact more with other students. It has also been a highlight because of its importance and relevance to my passion in digital production. And of course, I finally have the opportunity to showcase my skills in a work-like environment. Obviously, I am nowhere near an expert to the post-production process of filmmaking or digital production but I anticipate that will have learned so much by the time the semester is over. The first video I edited for USYD Update, was stressful but fun and very educational.

As a video editor, I am in charge of organizing footage, correcting images and audio, providing music, inserting credits, as well as uploading the final video to social media sites. Normally, editors would have a second editor to assist in the intense process but this time I was by myself. The deadline between getting the footage and finally uploading the final piece is around four days but, due to miscommunications between production and post-production, I only had three days to get the editing done. At this point, I needed to contact other members of the team as well as other associates of other branches to get the footage and information I needed to complete the project on time. Mid-way through, spirits were low but thanks to the support from individuals on the post-production team, accomplishing my task was possible.

Upon completion of the video, I had learned how to better manipulate audio, use After Effects for Adobe Premiere, and altering video quality for file uploads. The final draft of the video ended up being very well received by the organization. It may not have a lot of views or be the most interesting piece, but my goal was accomplished. The work was demanding but ended up being so satisfying. Being able to see the final product and see the work I put into it has made all of the stress worth it. I will soon be assigned my next two pieces. From what I have learned so far, I am confident that I will be up for the challenge! I hope you guys can check out the link I posted above. It gives you a sense of what campus life is like at USYD. Enjoy!