The following post will deal with 2 periods of readjustment:  the first regarding school, and the second regarding the US.

The first was probably far more difficult. I had just returned from Dublin when I had a slate of 3 group projects and 4 finals to get ready for. The next few weeks were really difficult, as my school despite the top 10 global rankings, has minimal facilities for students to study. I was genuinely mortified at how unaccommodating the campus was to students with exams. Another reason exams caused me so much anxiety is that there are multiple exam sessions, so the exams are worth much more. Students in Italy can fail the exam, retake it, and keep the passing grade. If I were to fail, I would need to take the F or fly back to Milan, neither of which are good choices. Mentally it was also difficult to prepare. Like I said, we had just gotten back from Ireland, and the weekend before we were in Prague. Academics was definitely a rude awakening.

When traveling, make sure you schedule plenty of time for an international layover. Also, please avoid airlines that overcharge for extra bags and don’t print boarding passes for connections, effectively causing you to miss you flight. (Alitalia/ Air Berlin). So that experience was really neat. The best part was running through security in Germany and being the LAST person on my flight. After that whole ordeal and picking up some Portillos with my dad, I was finally home. Being home has been fantastic and relaxing, but I definitely miss some parts of the Italian life, and the European life in general. I’ll update with that next week.

Glad to be back!