In transit

So I am currently writing from the international airport in Dubai during my first 2-hour layover.  I set up my flight with three other girls from the Midwest who are all studying abroad through the same program and flying out of Chicago O’Hare. After a while of flight searching we settled on flying with Emirates airline. The first flight was the longest of the three our itinerary.  Although we paid a bit extra to fly with a nicer airline, 14 hours in a plane was difficult. An upside of the was the movie selection, I got to cross a few more academy award winners of my “to-watch” list. A definite downside was the lack of leg room and the soggy scrambled eggs for breakfast, which can be expected.

Our next flight is from Dubai to Bangkok and is 6 hours long. Then, finally, our third flight is from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and it is only an hour.  Sleeping was out of the question on my last flight so I hope that I will pass out on this next one. The time difference from Dubai to Chicago is 9 hours so technically it is night here and it makes me feel like I have been traveling for 24 hours already. Also, the last we heard from our professors they had all sorts of stuff planned for us to do immediately upon arrival but all that I have the energy to do at this point is sleep (a.k.a. no energy at all).

The heat is already noticeable, in Dubai it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit and I have heard that similar temperatures can be expected around this time in Thailand. However, summertime in Thailand means monsoon season so hopefully the rains will cool us down a bit. The University in Chiang Mai (Mae Fah Luang) and its housing facilities are air-conditioned (according to their website) which is definitely a plus, considering that the uniforms we will have to wear are most likely not very breathable.

So given that we will have uniforms and it is going to be very hot, wet and humid I had to structure my packing list accordingly. A few other things I had to consider when packing include modesty (tank-tops are not appropriate attire for women in Thailand), travel (clothing for visiting temples, hiking and beaches) and exercise.

Duration: 6 weeks.

Uniform days: 28 (approx.)

Non-uniform days: 14 (approx.)

Packing List:


X2 spandex

X1 calf compressors (running)

X1 skirt (denim)

X1 romper (navy)

X1 over shirt (navy green)

X1 running shoes

X1 black leggings

X3 sandals (brown Birkenstocks, black Chacos, flip-flops)

X2 short sleeve dresses (red, yellow)

X2 black dress shoes (docs, wedged heels)

X2 dress shirts (light blue, yellow floral)

X2 ¾ length-sleeve dresses (black, navy)

X2 tank top dresses (black, navy)

X2 casual shorts (coral, denim)

X2 pajama shorts

X3 towels (bath, face, hair)

X3 swimsuits (blue, black, mix)

X3 dress shorts (black, maroon, navy)

X8 bras

X4 sports bras

X4 running shorts

X5 casual t-shirts

X4 dry-fit shirts

X5 crop tops

X5 mid-crew socks

X7 ankle socks

X14 underwear


Bug spray (25% deet), Sunscreen (spf 15), Woolite, face scrub, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, toothbrush holder

Pills: ibuprofen, Tylenol, anti-malarial, traveler’s diarrhea, other prescriptions, tums

hand sanitizer, tide to-go, eye makeup remover, mouthwash, hair product, contacts, contact solution


Feminine products

Accessories (etc)

Bungee cord clothes hanger

X1 Baseball cap

X1 drawstring bag

X1 purse

Bible, Journal

X2 books (game of thrones)

Neck pillow (for airplane)

X2 Sketch books

Drawing pens

Glasses, sunglasses (tortoise shell)

X3 Necklaces

Hair ties, headbands


Computer/computer case

Chargers: phone, computer, camera


Phone armband

X1 umbrella

X1 loofa

Passport, visa


Water bottle


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  1. Hi Lauren and Carol, Thank-you for the update. I have been thinking about you and praying that you are safe. It sounds like you are in for a nice cultural experience. Keep in touch. Have fun.

    Love, Aunt Sally

  2. Glad to hear you arrived safe, hope you are getting some rest and doing well. Looking foward to future emails .


    Grandma and Grandpa

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