Street Culture (Gloria)

Karen Huerta

One will never get tired of walking down the streets of Rio. There are always new things to see and experience. Every morning we walked down the streets of Catete and Gloria to get to the CIEE building for class. Street vendors are always there in the early morning till late in the evening. They are out on the streets everyday, trying to sell their products, which is how they make their living. Even on rainy days they will be out to sell. There is a variety of products one can find on the streets: fruits, electronics, handmade jewelry, clothes, food, and more. It is amazing what one can find and at a reasonable price.

As we walk down any street, we can’t ignore the graffiti. This is on every wall and the artwork is astonishing to look at. Artists express themselves through their

PC Pachia Lee
PC Pachia Lee

artwork and this is what shapes the street culture. Without the graffiti, the streets would be colorless and dull.

Music also fills the streets of Rio. Every day to our way to class, there is at least one store that has the radio blasting. It is pleasing to listen to the music of Brazil. The music puts us in a better mood. There are also performers in the streets doing their thing. Either singing or playing an instrument, their talent spreads out for everyone to listen and enjoy.

With all of these optimistic parts of the street culture, there is a big problem the Brazil has been facing for a long time: poverty. Homeless people live and sleep on the sidewalks as everybody else makes their way to their destination. I still find it shocking and heartbreaking to see these people out in the streets. We always reflect on the things we have and think of how privileged we are. We find ways to help them such as giving them money or food.