Beach Culture

Diana Pavon
June 5th, 2016

All around me, I saw beautiful and confident women embracing their bodies in the beach. Women wore revealing bathing suits no matter what shape or size they are. In the United States, advertisements make women feel they have to be a certain age and body size to wear bathing suit. However, Brazilian women did not follow these norms and accepted their body how it was. I loved the welcoming atmosphere every time I went to the beach. I was able to hear different types of music throughout my surrounding. Moreover, there was a group of men taking turns passing around the guitar and singing. I could not understand Portuguese but enjoyed the rhythm of the guitar. Vendors voice also filled the environment as there were dozens of them screaming. I could see how exhausted and tired these sellers were but also their determination. They would walk for hours hoping someone would want to buy any of their merchandise. Most of the vendors were people of color which once again reminded me of the inequality placed everywhere in the world. There were thousands of people that did not have the same opportunities as others. Still, cariocas loved and respected their country by not giving up hope everyday. Many tourists came to both Copacabana and Ipanema, as its main social location. People came with friends and family to catch up with loved ones as they relaxed. Overall, I could see part of Brazil’s culture by going to the beach. There were confident women, hard working individuals, music, and a very social atmosphere.