Beach Volleyball (Guanabara Bay)

Kynala Phillips
June 10th, 2016

PhillipsOn Friday, June 10th, the entire group went to the Guanabara Bay to learn how to play volleyball. The instructors, from Rio: Sports and Tour, were very helpful. First we all learned the different ways to pass the volley ball. Then we all learned how to serve. I have always been terrible at volleyball, but this experience was extremely fun for me. The teachers were very patient and good at explaining the different steps for each move. We spent a good amount of time doing drills and practicing everything that they taught us. By the end of the lesson we all played at least two games of volleyball with four people on each team.

I had so much fun at this activity. We were all laughing and fighting for bragging rights. My team lost both of our games but I was so proud of our team at the end of the day. Oddly enough, my team gloated the most of all even though we kept losing. Noah, Ron, Karen and I were all on the same team and we were honestly the champs of the day. Our first game was super close. We fought hard for that game. We even had to do a few extra rounds before the other team beat us, because they had to beat us by two or more points. Unfortunately, we lost 26-24. The next round was tough for us, but we persevered the entire time. I don’t remember the score, and I honestly don’t need to recall it. Overall, the day was great and it was a nice bonding experience with my peers. I had so much fun, I would have loved to go back and played even longer.