Episode 4: Arrival At Last

January 5th, 2017


Well folks…day one is done and in the books. I made it to Ireland safe and sound, with very few issues aside from some minor travel hiccups. What trip to the airport ever goes completely as planned though, am I right? Now I’m not complaining, but let me tell you the reality TV shows and movies filled with famous people that make traveling abroad seem so fun and glamorous, with the first class seats, chic outfits and the nonstop paparazzi, are very misleading. I have never really minded flying, and actually weirdly enjoy the airport atmosphere. But after a full day of traveling and 8.5 hours of plane rides filled with screaming babies, turbulence, and extremely close quarters with larger than average sized old men (and I’m not talking tall here people) I probably looked (and felt) more like a homeless-insomniac than a chic and cultured fashionista. Not that I would expect anything different or that I care…just saying. If you know me at all, I’m sure that paints quite the picture. Never the less, I made it. Somehow still in good spirits and ready to embrace Galway and all of its glory at not-so-bright yet still very early 7:00 a.m. (although it felt like 1:00 am, considering that’s what time it was back in Wisconsin). I’m sure it helped that I was immediately greeted at the airport by quite possibly the sweetest driver ever, who we had arranged beforehand to pick me up and take me to my apartment in Galway. I haven’t been here long enough to know if it’s just Irish hospitality, but despite the fact that I had never met or even talked to Damien before he made me feel like it was a family member picking me up. For any of you who want to study abroad, I would HIGHLY recommend looking into a similar option. After a very long day and a half, a lot of time alone on a plane and entering a completely foreign country, it was very comforting knowing I didn’t have to worry about bus rides, train rides or figuring out how to navigate to my apartment. Definitely worth the extra hundred or so bucks.

Although I’m beyond exhausted and getting sicker by the second thanks to my Mom, Dad and their contagious germs that spread at the worst possible time…I could not be more in love with this place already. I didn’t even have time to think about how tired I am until now, seeing as this is the first time I’ve sat down all day. It was straight from the airport to check in at my apartment and quickly drop off my suitcase, then right to the international student orientation that took place on campus at 9:30 this morning (poor planning I know, had I known about that earlier I would have chosen to leave a day earlier), and then from there I spent the day wandering aimlessly around the City…completely mesmerized by it’s beauty. I could have explored for hours, but between all of that I also met my 5 roommates, a huge weight off my shoulders to know that they are all normal and easy to get along with, and also found time to run to the department store (conveniently located right across the street from me) and pick up all the living necessities that weren’t feasible to bring over in my suitcase. And now here I am sniffling and coughing in bed at my new home and barley able to keep my eyes open, yet still smiling because of the feeling in my gut telling me I am going to love it here.  Stay tuned my friends, this is just day one and adventures are surely soon to come.

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  1. Hey Mo,?
    My lil Irish Lass…..good to hear u have arrived & are knee deep into Ireland. Sorry u arrived ill, our family germs now safely ensconced in Euro. WOW….take care, be safe, & take it all in, honey. I will be happily & merrily reading your blog & living the experience thru you.
    Love & hugs, ❤️?

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